Project Highlights

Franklin Secure Residue Landfill – Stage II Closure
Owner Concord Regional Solid Waste This project consisted of removing a temporary capping system and installation of permanent geosynthetic cap system at Concord Regional Solid Waste/Resource Recovery Cooperative Ash Landfill in Franklin New Hampshire. The cap was approximately 8 acres in size and involved importing and placing of select sand materials for buffer and gas transmission layer, supply and installation of a 40 mil textured HDPE geomembrane liner, double side composite, importing and placing select drainage sand, and placing of 15,000cy of topsoil material. Our work also included construction of a gravel access road, passive gas vents, stormwater drainage benches and toe drain swales. The project was completed over 12 weeks in the summer of 2015. The engineer of record was CMA, Portsmouth, NH.
General Contractor Casella Construction, Inc.
Completion Date Summer 2015
Value $1,650,000
Shrewsbury STP 1443 (44)
Owner State of Vermont This project involved replacing an existing bridge that was in substandard condition on TH 4 (Lincoln Hill Road), a 6’ foot diameter 65 foot long steel pipe that outlets into a 10 foot high by 10 foot wide by 26 foot long concrete arch. The new structure is a precast concrete arch (arch inside dimensions of 8 feet tall x 12 feet wide x 120 feet long with precast footings and wings wall) that arrived onsite in 56 pieces. The excavation to replace this structure involve a 38 feet cut and moving 8000 cy of earth in a tight Right of Way with residential structures and utilities abutting the excavation. There was also associated roadway and channel work. This was constructed using Accelerated Bridge Construction methods, and the road was closed for 28 days.
General Contractor Casella Construction Inc.
Completion Date Summer 2015
Value $751,670
Star Lake Dam Rehabilitation
Owner Town of Mount Holly This project involved rehabilitation of a high risk dam. The project involved constructing a 200 foot long diversion cofferdam, a bypass diversion, a 80 foot long by 20 foot tall steel sheet pile retaining/cutoff wall, a cast in place concrete head wall, installation of 56 liner feet of 60” RCP outlet conduit with cast in place concrete cradle, a cast in place dam core wall, and installing a 10’ inside diameter precast concrete outlet structure with low level valve and drain. There was a total of 140 cy of cast in place concrete installed in the project. There was also associated grading, dredging, boat ramp construction, and installation of a rock reinforced spillway. The project was completed over 8 weeks in summer of 2015. The Engineer was Dubois and King, Randolph, VT.
General Contractor Casella Construction, Inc.
Completion Date Summer 2015
Value $510,000


Bristol Vermont Landfill Closure
Owner Town Of Bristol This project consisted of grading and shaping of 5 acre landfill that had been operated by the Town of Bristol Vermont. It is one of the last municipal operating landfills in the State of Vermont. The town had limited closure funds available to close the landfill and Casella Construction, Inc. worked with the town to design and build a capping system that fit closely to their budget constraint. Having previous experience in landfill capping with a byproduct (tailing) from a nearby calcium bicarbonate manufacturing facility, we proposed and installed a 30” soil cap in the summer of 2015. The soil cap involved importing 35,000 tons of the tailings to the site. We utilized GPS automated equipment to place the tailings to CCI designed grading plan and compacted to meet Vermont Capping requirements. We also completed adjoining 1 acre slope stabilization on the south side of the landfill, which involved imported 6000cy of embankment material. We also designed and installed stormwater management swales and downchutes.
General Contractor Casella Construction, Inc.
Completion Date Summer 2015
Value $720,000
CRL Solar
Owner CRL Solar, LLC CRL Solar is a 2.2 megawatt solar array located in Hartford, VT. Casella Construction, Inc. was the construction manager for the project and was responsible for the construction of the site civil activities and the oversight and management of all subcontractors. Major project components include 10+ acres of tree clearing and grubbing, excavation and placement of 40,000 cy of earthen borrow, installation of all site roadways, construction of the inverter shed building, installation of approximately 20,000 lf of underground conduit, oversight and support of the installation of a 30 degree, fixed, tilt, ground mount array system, project electrical system, and electrical interconnect.
Construction Manager Casella Construction, Inc.
Design Engineer Krebs and Lansing Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Completion Date Fall 2012
Value $870,000
State of Vermont Hurricane Irene Recovery
Owner VTRANS and the City of Rutland, Vermont Casella Construction, Inc. supported the State of Vermont, VTRANS, and the City of Rutland, Vermont, in the reconstruction of critical infrastructure after Hurricane Irene. Projects throughout the recovery include the reconstruction of US Route 4 in Mendon, Vermont, the reconstruction of Vermont State Route 107 in Bethel, Vermont, and the reconstruction of the Rutland, Vermont City water supply. This work included the movement of over 300,000 tons of rock by rail, the reconstruction of over 4 miles of state roadway and the stream bank reconstruction of various sections of the White River.
Construction Manager Casella Construction, Inc.
Completion Date Summer 2012
Value $5,000,000