What We Do

Landfill Construction, Closure, and Maintenance

Casella Construction is one of New England’s first landfill contractors. We have unprecedented experience in landfill construction, landfill closure, and High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe installation. We have in-depth experience in mass earthwork, waste excavation and placement, construction of detailed liner systems, landfill gas extraction and conveyance systems, leachate management, leachate pump stations, flare installation and landfill gas to energy facilities.

Environmental Remediation

Casella Construction has an extensive background in the removal, excavation, transportation, and disposal of solid waste, PCB’s, and petroleum contaminated materials. We work closely with a variety of clients and subcontractors to assess risk, environmental impacts, identity cost-effective solutions, and perform the work safely and efficiently.

Demolition and Dismantling

Casella Construction has an extensive background in demolition and dismantling services. We have invested in specialized equipment and personnel to safely and effectively perform a diverse range of projects. We have experience in the demolition and dismantling of masonry, steel, and wood frame structures. We continue to refocus our efforts towards sustainability and asset recovery in this evolving marketplace.

iamvtstrong1Commercial Site Development

Casella Construction has over 30 years of experience in commercial site development and general contracting. We possess the staff, equipment, and assets to complete both small and large commercial projects. Current and past projects include commercial, institutional, and large scale residential development.


Casella Construction has an extensive background in federal, state, and municipal infrastructure projects. Our experiences include road construction, airport development and bridge construction. This experience combined with specialized equipment and experienced staff allows us to continue to redevelop our aging infrastructure.


Casella Construction has a long history in the construction of sewer, water, drainage, electrical, natural gas, landfill gas systems, and solar energy facilities. Past projects include deep excavation, sheeting, shoring, unsuitable soil removal, temporary bypass systems, and working in close proximity to existing structures and utilities.

haulingEmergency Response

o Hurricane Irene
o Norricane (Rutland Wind Storm)
o Small Incidents (accidents, utility breakage spills, etc.)


Casella Construction has fleet of vehicles capable for transporting equipment, materials, and products for almost any application. We specialize in equipment transport, flatbed, and dump truck work. Our fleet consists of (3) low beds, (2) flat beds, and (12) tri-axle dump trucks.

o Low Boy Service
o Flat Bed Service
o Triaxle Service