Alcoa Material Recovery

Project Statistics

Client: Alcoa Corporation
Location: Upstate New York
Date Completed: May 2018


  • 52,501.82 tons of material excavated
  • 712,000 pounds of steel recycled
  • 1,604,000 pounds of aluminium recycled
  • 36,000 pounds of copper recycled
  • All material was screened and processed to extract and recycle any commodities
  • 2,029.71 tons of commodities extracted and recycled
  • 18,691.80 hours worked without accidents or injuries
  • 1484 truck trips to the landfill
  • -5° degree average temperature during project

About the Project

Casella Construction, Inc. (CCI) was contracted to clear out six potlines at the Alcoa East Plant, in Massena, New York, a decommissioned aluminium factory. CCI assisted with the cleanout of waste ash from under the smelting lines in order to prepare the facility for the possibility of a new tenant.

CCI provided general contracting, excavation, recycling, hauling and disposal services for nearly 53,000 tons of residuals situated throughout the massive factory.

Utilizing specialized equipment CCI developed a complex plan to cost effectively excavate, move, screen, and extract the aluminum, copper and steel mixed in the ash material. Because this had not been done, they relied on the ingenuity of their team and their many years of demolition and sort separating experience. CCI was able to screen, mechanically sort and hand pick valuable commodities from the waste stream prior to the disposal of the ash. All sorting activities needed to be completed inside of the building, adding complexity. CCI utilized a custom-built dust collection system and screening bins in order to suppress dust enough to safely operate. CCI also built portable sorting stations to utilize magnetic separation of steel and hand-sorting of the small pieces of aluminum and copper.

potline excavation
Full Potline
Potline Excavation
Potline Excavation