Redmond Road Utility Storage Yard

Project Statistics

Location: Williston, Vermont
Date Completed: November 2017
Area of Disturbance: 14 acres


  • 12.5 acres of clearing and grubbing
  • 63,00 cy of common excavation
  • Export of 27,000 cy
  • Placement of 36,000 cy of common backfill
  • Installation of 64,400 cy of aggregate
  • Installation of 6,800 lf of conduit
  • 2,000 lf of fence and underdrain
  • Stabilization before every storm event

Challenging Site Conditions

CCI worked closely with the owner, inspectors, and state of Vermont to manage erosion and sediment control and stormwater on this challenging site.

About the Project

Casella Construction, Inc. (CCI) was contracted to construct the 5-acre storage yard in Williston, Vermont. The project was constructed to the highest standards and will be used to store wood and steel utility poles, timber mats, temporary transformers, and other utility equipment.

The project began by clear cutting 12 acres. Soil conditions were very poor on this project site, so stumps were ground in place to help stabilize the disturbed areas and limit traveling on the soil. The 30,000 cy of organic soils were stripped, stockpiled, and exported from the site. The 1,400 ft access road was constructed from 28,000 cy of imported granular fill and an aluminum plate arch culvert. The stormwater basin was excavated and soils used to begin construction of the storage yard. In total, 63,000 cy of soil was excavated and 36,000 cy was placed in onsite fills. All cut and fill slopes were armored with more than 10,000 cy of Type I rip rap to allow the moisture in the soil to escape. The yard was finished by installing 24,000 cy of crushed gravels, an 8-foot chain link fence with vehicular gate, and constructing three asphalt and wood chip ‘Pole Bunks’ for storage of wood utility poles.

This project was exceptionally challenging as a result of the soil conditions and historically wet construction season. CCI worked closely with the project team to develop creative erosion control and stormwater management solutions that allowed the project schedule to advance forward.

Stormwater Basin and Storage Yard
Stormwater Basin and Storage Yard
Storage Yard and Rip Rap Slopes
Storage Yard and Rip Rap Slopes