Glen Dam Trash Rack Replacement Project

Project Statistics

Location: Rutland Town, Vermont
Date Complete:
September 2017


  • Three week project schedule
  • 80 cy lf cofferdam installed and removed
  • 14 foot deep excavation
  • 525 cy of sediment removed

About the Project

Casella Construction, Inc. (CCI) was contracted to perform the earthwork and support services as part of the trash rack replacement at the Glen Dam in Rutland Town, Vermont. The purpose of the project was to replace the trash racks and head-gate operator at the intake to the Glen Dam Penstock.

CCI began work by installing a coffer dam designed to support the excavation of 14 feet of sediment from the interior and exterior of the penstock intake structure. CCI utilized a clam shell on an 80-ton lattice boom crane to excavate the sediment from within the coffer dam and place it within an onsite stockpile to dewater. A mini excavator was lowered into the excavation to remove sediment from within the intake structure. CCI supported the general contractor with the removal of the existing trash racks, installation the head-gate operator, and placement of new trash racks.

In total, 80 lf of cofferdam was installed and removed and 525 cy of sediment was excavated and hauled off site for disposal. The project was completed within the three week schedule.

Intake Excavation
Intake Excavation
Cofferdam Excavation
Cofferdam Excavation