Structure Condition Improvement (SCI) Work

Project Statistics

Location: Various locations in Vermont
Completed: 2017 Construction Season


  • Zero lost time incidents
  • 50 structures replaced
  • 4 miles of access road constructed
  • Over 5,000 bales of hay used
  • 775 cy of backfill staged
  • Over 3,000 timber mats placed
  • 11 gates installed

About the Project

Work under this contract included earthwork and installation of erosion control measures to construct access roads and structure pads along the right-of- way.

Work include construction of stone access roads, installation and removal of timber mats, construction of structure pads, removal of rock by hydraulic hammer, installation of culverts, installation and maintenance of reinforced silt fence and straw wattle, removal of wood structures, staging of new utility poles and arms, and restoration of the entire right-of-way at the completion of each individual project.

The nature of this work required CCI to be creative and nimble moving quickly from project to project.

Stone Access Road
Stone Access Road
Caisson Installation
Caisson Installation