East Fairfax Substation

Project Statistics

Location: East Fairfax, Vermont
Date Complete:
August 2017


  • Work performed in a live substation
  • Onsite groundwater treatment
  • Excavation of 380 cy of non-TSCA soil
  • Excavation of 400 cy of non-TSCA soil
  • Use of remote controlled compactor

About the Project

Casella Construction, Inc. (CCI) was contracted to perform the PCB remediation within the East Fairfax substation located in East Fairfax, Vermont. PCB contaminated soils were analyzed, mapped, and excavated as part of a complex excavation and confirmatory sampling plan within the active substation.

The project consisted of the excavation, transportation, and disposal of 380 cy Non-TSCA and 400 cy TSCA soils. Groundwater from the excavation was pretreated with a 5 micron and 10 micron bag filter before being stored and tested within an onsite Frac Tank. CCI worked with the owner to modify the Corrective Action Plan for the project to allow for onsite water treatment and discharge resulting in a cost savings. The excavation was backfilled with a granular borrow and compacted to project specifications. CCI used a remote-controlled compactor to eliminate the need for any employee to enter the excavation. All disturbed areas were restored at the completion of the project.

Soil Excavation
Soil Excavation
Place and Compact Granular Borrow
Place and Compact Granular Borrow