UVM Cook Science Building Deconstruction

Project Statistics

Location: Burlington, Vermont
Schedule: 5 month duration, completed ahead of schedule
Date Completed: October 2017
Building Size: 110,000 square feet


  • No lost time injuries
  • Project was completed 20 feet from adjacent building
  • 99.5% recycling rate
  • AGC Best Builder Award 2017

About the Project

Casella Construction, Inc. was contracted to deconstruct the Cook Science Building for the University of Vermont. The building was located in the heart of the campus and 20 feet from their newly constructed ‘Discovery Building’.

CCI started the project by self-performing the interior demolition and removing all building components down to the cast-in-place concrete structure. Construction and demolition (C&D) materials were brought to a C&D recycling center for additional processing. Ferrous and non-ferrous metals were processed onsite and packaged for resale within the interior of the building.

Mass demolition began by preparing the exterior facade and roof. CCI removed all roof-mounted equipment, membrane roofing, stripped the brick veneer, and removed a layer of 2” rigid insulation between the brick and concrete masonry units (CMU). The brick was separated for recycling and reuse as aggregate. The preparation of the structure was critical to achieving our recycling rate of 99.5%, higher than the required rate of 90%.

CCI used a high-reach excavator with a multi-processor supported by various hydraulic excavators. Dust was managed with a water mister that could reach up to 300 feet away. The mass demolition was completed in 8 weeks, allowing the next phase of construction to begin ahead of schedule.

Mass Demolition - East Facade
Mass Demolition - East Facade
Mass Demolition - South Facade
Mass Demolition - South Facade